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  • _MG_9130
  • AFG-2A--___-___AF-19-___ET-23
  • BB17-3'-BED-BB17-4'6-BED
  • BD3K-3'BED,-BD4'6K-4'6-BED,-BD5K-5'BED-,BD6K-6'BED
  • FCC-BD3-3'-BED-FCC-BD4'6-4'6-BED-FCC-BD5-5'-BED
  • Grand-Bedroom
  • SG-2-BED,-SG-3-NIGHTSTAND,-SG-22-BENCH-[1600x1200]
  • SO-2-BED-[1600x1200]
  • Sofa
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Welcome to the world of Les Saisons® ........


The Les Saisons® Collection of French Period Style furniture is produced in our factory by skilled cabinetmakers and wood carvers. We design for a world market but with slight variations to cater for local market needs.


The French know how to live with flair and style .......


Here is furniture that shares the very essence of that unique style with you.


Not just furniture, but a way of life .......


The ultimate combination of fine furniture and decorative arts, these elegant pieces span centuries of French furniture styling.


Timeless pieces that are tomorrow's antiques ........


The term 'French Period' refers to the style of several periods of French history. this is furniture for sophisticated living today and tomorrow....with all the disarming simplicity and charm of yesterday.


Created by hands-on people who love what they do .......


To create furniture of this quality takes totally dedicated, highly skilled craftsmen: cabinetmakers, wood-carvers, and painters. Because our manufacturing process is mainly carried out by hand, using traditional methods, all of these people contribute personally to exquisite results that simply can't be achieved by mass production.




Ambiance Tall Fully Glazed Display Cabinet

Ambiance 7 Drawer Chest

Ambiance Queen Size Sleigh Bed

Capetienne 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Capetienne 2 Drawer Over 3 Drawer Chest

Capetienne 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Capetienne 5' Queen Size Louis Histiore Bed

MC049 Chair